Signs YOU are a recovering monotheist

Before any posts delve into unraveling the monotheist mindset, the first place to start is identifying what that exactly is. Here are a few signs I have noticed in myself and others that reflects the monotheistic mindset, especially in those ways that clash with the polytheistic worldview.

Hangups that are from monotheism include…

  • Swearing with “Oh my god”, “Jesus Christ!”, and/or “Go to hell!”
  • Christian gestures while praying (e.g. Sign of the Cross gesture)
  • Saying “Amen” at the end of praying
  • Viewing gods as all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing
  • Viewing gods as “all good”
  • Gods are always listening
  • Strict good vs. evil
  • The lingering fear that you’re going to hell

There are others, and I’ll update this list as other symptoms appear.

Questions to ask yourself to find other possible hangups:

  • Where do your ethics derive from?
  • Where do you derive your prayer etiquette from?
  • Where do you get your virtues from?
  • How do you view “deity”?
  • How do you view your relationship with deity, and why?

These last questions are where we delve a bit deeper into how the modern monotheistic culture is different from someone trying to implement a polytheistic culture. (EG: I am trying to follow the Gaelic Polytheistic Lifeway, not a Christian one.)


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