Mission Statement:
The Polytheist Community Center (PCC) is a hope and a wish by Marcella “Allec” McGuire to create a safe place for polytheists and those interested in polytheism to gather, learn, and share. The aim is to help build a community of diverse polytheist religions that is built on respect, scholarship, and kindness.

The location for the future physical center is Omaha, NE.

The PCC seeks to:

  • Introduce people to different polytheistic beliefs

    This will be done by providing a free library with the best sources on various polytheist beliefs, religions, and cultures. These books will be screened to make sure to not contain overtly wrong information about those cultures (eg: Robert Graves will not make an appearance in the Celtic sections). There will also be a “Where to start?” reading list for every provided polytheist path. These books will be free to read onsite but require a membership to borrow for home use.

    In addition, PCC will be offering free classes biweekly that will help people learn what questions to ask to help discover the religious and spiritual path that is best suited for them. 

    PCC will also work to be involved in the community by seeking to educate the general public on polytheism, joining interfaith discussions, and by aiding in other charities.

  • Strengthen and empower people already on polytheist paths

    The library will also contain books for more experienced polytheists to deepen their understanding of their religions. There will also be a free shrine space for those who wish to erect shrines dedicated to any gods, spirits, and/or other entities.

    Classes, workshops, and events can also be conducted by members of the community.

  • Bridge polytheists from multiple paths together

While being able to find a religion that truly speaks to us as polytheists is wonderful, the feeling of loneliness that comes with not having an in-person group can sometimes be very overwhelming. With this in mind, the PCC hopes to ease that loneliness by having interfaith events where a Gaelic Polytheist, Norse Polytheist, a Kemetic Polytheist, and more can sit down and share together—even if we do not share beliefs, we can share in each other’s company.

This will be accomplished by having weekly round table discussions, a monthly open mic, and a game night.


The PCC also is a Safe Place, which means that homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny, transmisogyny, and other kinds of bigotry and prejudice are not allowed nor excused. There will be extensive measures taken to ensure that people of all backgrounds can come to the center without fearing for their safety.


Community Center Goals:


  • Provide educational, resourceful books for various religions
  • Provide disclaimers and criticisms about books
  • Provide handouts for beginners (eg: what books to start at.)

Gift Shop

  • handmade and/or local preferably
  • help bring in money to center while providing an opportunity for those to find spiritually meaningful items
  • provide accurate information about items

Educational Classes

  • Once a month at least
  • Ranging from ethics to artsy workshops
  • Make biweekly (and free) “where to start?” religious-searching class


  • Free membership: allows people to check out books, attend member-only events
  • Paid membership: same benefits as a free membership plus a discount paid-for classes

Shrine Spaces

  • Managed/maintained by people of the religions
  • Information sheets about how to leave an offering for visitors
  • Communal shrine as well

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